Make up face lift

Mally’s tips for a “makeup facelift:”

Use concealer. Mally says to use this first because, “It’s going to brighten up underneath the eyes and make you look like you had eight hours of sleep.” She suggests using your ring finger to apply the concealer since it has the lightest touch.

Apply foundation. ”So many women match their foundation to their face and not their neck,” Mally warns, “and that’s their first mistake. Make sure you put your foundation right on your jaw line and blend it down to your throat and you’ll get the perfect color every time.”

Touch up your eyelids. “The trick is you want to come up a little bit past the crease in your eyelids just ever so slightly with a natural shadow. That’s going to pull everything back and make it look like you had an eyelift.”

Use an eyelash curler. “This is the number one secret to looking younger,” Mally says. “When you don’t do this, your eyelashes point down and drag your eyes down. If you curl them, it lifts them up and it looks very youthful, energetic and fun.”

Hide laugh lines. Use a soft concealer around the mouth to hide marionette lines (laugh lines). “What you’re trying to do is play with some light,” explains Mally.

How does Julie feel about Mally’s makeover? “I feel great!” she says. “I feel like I look younger. She taught me how to get rid of those marionette lines that I hate — it’s easy.”